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Board and Management

Management & Technical Team


EcoMetals Resource Group is pioneering a new era as the first entirely Filipino-led team to realize the vision of a nickel laterite eco-friendly process plant. Our extraordinary team, composed of top graduates from the Philippines' most prestigious universities, brings unmatched technical prowess and international professional experience.

EcoMetals is not just another extractive company; we are innovators dedicated to revolutionizing the mining and metallurgical sectors. Our mission is rooted in sustainability and achieving net carbon zero. Utilizing cutting-edge, zero-waste technologies and eco-friendly mining practices, we drastically reduce environmental impact and support the global transition to renewable energy.

Our unwavering commitment to rigorous international-standard feasibility studies guarantees that our projects are not only economically viable but also environmentally responsible. We aim to provide essential minerals for OEM semiconductors, defense aerospace, energy storage, and EV batteries, playing a crucial role in the green energy revolution.

With a steadfast dedication to innovation and excellence, EcoMetals Resource Group is not just keeping pace with the future—we're leading the charge. We invite you to join us in forging a path to a greener, more sustainable world, proving that Filipino ingenuity and determination can drive global change.


Hilbert (HB) Cardenas

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Howlin Dave Cezar

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Reina Jadie

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CFO & Treasurer


Mae C Juana

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CCO & Investor Relations


Melvin Savella

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Arlene Morales

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Chief Geologist

Resource, Data Analysis

& Resource Mgmt


Vincent Ong

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Exec. Chief,

Base Metals & Minerals

Gillian O.

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Project Management Audit & Metallurgist Consultant


Ingrid Honrado

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Managing Principal

& Co-Land Owner

Your Jack of All Trades

Advisory Board


Francis 'Kiko' Sanchez

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Chairman Advisory Board


Basil Toquero

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Advisory Board - Resources


General Antonio Parlade (ret.)

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Investment Advisory Board


Manny V.

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Investment Advisory Board

Board Members


Ingrid Honrado
Co-Founder &
Non-Executive Chairman

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Ingrid alongside Elexa Land Devt CEO Helen Ligutom et al, initially envisioned transforming 80 hectares into Palawan's food basket using advanced Dutch agriculture technology.

However, geological assessments uncovered rich mineral deposits just beneath the surface. Lab tests and extensive studies by the University of the Philippines and Japan International Cooperation Agency confirmed that the land was unsuitable for long-term agriculture.

Instead, the discovered laterite ore is essential for critical minerals used in OEM semiconductors, EV batteries, defense aerospace, and healthcare innovations.

Thus, the Process Plant project was born, turning this challenge into a groundbreaking opportunity to lower electricity costs and bring economic benefits back to South Palawan.


HB Cardenas,
Co-Founder & President

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Our President is a licensed metallurgist bringing 30 years of expertise in plant metallurgy and operations management,

He has achieved extraordinary results in processing metals at:

- Philex Mining Corporation,

- Lepanto Consolidated Mining Co., 

- O2 Mining and EHMC Engineering Consultancy

- OceanaGold Philippines Inc.

- Greenstone Resources Corp.

- African Barrick Gold.


His consulting expertise benefited top-tier mining ventures, including the Bayan Khundii Gold Project and the Kharmagtai Project.

Our metallurgist’s career is a testament to his commitment to innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence. Investing in Direct Nickel project means partnering with a leader dedicated to transforming the mining industry and ensuring long-term prosperity and environmental stewardship.

Join us in pioneering advancements that secure a prosperous future, spur economic growth, and harness the power of minerals for semiconductors and technological innovations in the resource industry.


Howlin D Cezar
Co-Founder & Secretary

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Cezar, a distinguished DOST and Sumitomo scholar, boasts over thirteen years of transformative experience in metallurgical engineering.

Renowned for redefining nickeliferous mineral extraction, he's an Accredited Competent Person in Metallurgical Engineering, certified by PMRCC and the Engineering Institute of Canada.


As Vice-President and Director of SMEP, his leadership has driven significant advancements.

Cezar's expertise in HPAL processes, SAG milling, and ball milling, coupled with his role at ME Elecmetal Australia Pty Ltd, resulted in a 23% mill performance improvement across Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea. His tenure at B2Gold Corp. and Apex Mining Corp. saw remarkable enhancements in operational efficiencies.


His dedication to excellence and innovation continues to set industry benchmarks, shaping the future of metallurgical engineering.

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