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EcoMetals Resource Group is seeking strategic investment partners for the establishment of a state-of-the-art processing plant to be located in Palawan, Philippines. With our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, we aim to revolutionize the resource extraction and processing sector by adopting cutting-edge technologies that minimize ecological footprints.

Our vision for this processing plant is to integrate innovative and eco-friendly practices, creating a model facility that maximizes resource recovery while significantly reducing waste and emissions. By investing in EcoMetals Resource Group's processing plant, you can join us in shaping a more sustainable future while unlocking lucrative returns in the thriving resource industry.

The Philippines currently has seven privately owned mineral processing plants. Four plants process gold, two process nickel, and one smelts and refines copper. The vast majority of mined ore is currently placed onto barges and shipped to China for processing. The demand for a new processing plant is incredibly high, and all forecasts point to an ever-increasing need in the coming years.

The Philippines government recently lifted their ban on open-pit mining, thus opening up access to the plentiful reserves of ore to be processed. In addition, the enactment in 2021 of the Corporate Recovery and Tax Incentives for Enterprises lowered corporate income taxes and rationalized fiscal incentives to better attract local and foreign investments in various sectors of the economy, including mining.

We are currently seeking USD $6M in initial seed capital. These funds will allow EcoMetals Resource Group to complete the Feasibility Studies to determine the final design and cost of the processing plant along with required upgrades to local infrastructure. Following this initial seed round, we will hold a Series A round to raise the capital necessary for the plant's construction. In addition to investment capital, we will utilize various government grants and other funding mechanisms.

Together, let's redefine resource processing and set new standards for environmental responsibility. 
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