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The Birth of EcoMetals Resource Group: A Story of Vision, Commitment, and Transformation

In the bustling heart of Manila, a series of crucial meetings unfolded among industry experts and community leaders, driven by a shared goal: to balance the immense potential of the Philippines' mineral wealth with the urgent need for responsible and sustainable practices. These discussions culminated in a unanimous consensus – there had to be a better way to harness these resources.


The catalyst for these discussions was the tenure of Gina Lopez, the former Secretary of the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). A renowned environmental activist, Lopez made headlines by revoking numerous mining permits due to ESG violations. During her 10-month tenure, she shut down or suspended 26 mines that failed environmental audits, canceled approvals for 75 proposed mines, and banned new open-pit metal mines. Although her tenure was cut short by a House-Senate committee, her impact on the industry was profound and lasting.

From Vision to Reality: The Founding of EcoMetals Resource Group

Two business partners co-owned lands in South Palawan, initially aiming to convert the area into the island's food basket. However, soil samples revealed anomalies, indicating difficulty in growing crops. A geological assessment uncovered that valuable minerals were very close to the surface, detectable at a depth of just two meters. Despite this potential, existing process plants could not accommodate the ore as feedstock. With only two nickel processing plants in the Philippines, Coral Bay Nickel and Taganito Nickel, the situation called for innovation.


In response to the evolving regulatory landscape and growing environmental concerns, coupled with the fact that 90% of the ore was being shipped to China, EcoMetals Resource Group was conceived. The founding members, each with decades of experience in metallurgy, mining operations, environmental science, and community development, shared a unified vision: to create a company that would not only extract and process critical minerals like nickel, cobalt, copper, and rare earth elements but also prioritize the well-being of the environment and local communities.

A Vision Realized: Sustainable Practices and Community Engagement


Focusing on the mineral-rich lands of South Palawan, the founders recognized the global demand for these critical minerals and saw an opportunity to make a significant impact. They committed to adopting advanced, sustainable mining techniques that would minimize environmental damage and ensure local communities share in the economic benefits. This commitment included investing in state-of-the-art technology such as Direct Nickel (DNi), patented by Altilium Group, and other environmentally friendly extraction methods.


EcoMetals Resource Group quickly garnered support from those who believed in this vision. The company’s dedication to transparency, ethical practices, and community engagement will set it apart from traditional mining enterprises. By fostering strong relationships with Indigenous communities and ensuring their voices are heard and respected, EcoMetals Resource Group will establish a new standard for corporate responsibility in the extractive sector.


The impact of these projects on local communities can become a symbol of what could be achieved when innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility converge. The initiatives in South Palawan will thrive, not just as mining operations but as integrated efforts that will bring infrastructure, education, and healthcare improvements to the local population.

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