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Profile - Bringing the Future of Sustainable Resource Development

She stands as a beacon of entrepreneurial vision and innovation within the resources industry. With an undergraduate studies from Queensland, Australia, and an MBA from a chartered online school in the Bay Area, California, Ingrid's educational background is both diverse and robust. Her mentorship in the same MBA program has further honed her exceptional abilities. As the Co-Founder of EcoMetals Resource Group, Ingrid brings a wealth of expertise across commodities, IT, and finance. Her exceptional ability to intertwine financial acumen with technological prowess has consistently led to pioneering solutions that redefine industry standards.

Ingrid’s dedication to endurance sports and alpine climbing mirrors her resilient and adventurous spirit, underscoring her dynamic approach to both business and personal pursuits. With a solid foundation and an unwavering focus on financial analytics, Ingrid is a visionary adept at uncovering untapped resources poised to meet the surging demands driven by advancements in Electric Vehicles (EV) and Information Technology (IT), all while maintaining a keen commercial perspective.

Boasting over 25 years of extensive experience in the technology and finance sectors, Ingrid thrives in challenging environments, viewing chaos as an opportunity to excel. Her relentless pursuit of self-discovery and boundless energy are channeled into crafting efficient solutions and fostering collaborative partnerships that drive success.

Ingrid's journey has been enriched through collaborations with a diverse range of professionals, from accountants and engineers to geoscientists and IT specialists. Deeply influenced by her father's involvement in mining, Ingrid's ambition was ignited early on, envisioning a vast landscape of opportunity—a co-owned land of a "mountain of metals and minerals"— that is now primed to meet the escalating demand for EV battery cathodes and cutting-edge IT products.

In recent years, Ingrid has shifted her focus towards advocating for eco-friendly extraction methods, striving to bridge the supply gap while achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Her ultimate aspiration is to catalyze a sustainable future for the planet, positioning herself as a pivotal force for positive change.

Ingrid’s proficiency in financial analytics, visionary outlook, and commitment to eco-conscious practices uniquely position her to leave an indelible mark on the evolving landscape of EV and OEM semiconductor products. Embracing collaboration, she invites others to join her in shaping a more sustainable industrial development paradigm in the Philippines. A keen explorer with a passion for endurance sports and training 'working-line' dogs, Ingrid embodies the spirit of hard work and determination, often juggling multiple roles to drive meaningful progress.

Investing in EcoMetals Resource Group means investing in a future led by visionary leaders dedicated to innovative, sustainable, and profitable solutions in the extractive sector for the transition to net carbon-zero emissions. Join Ingrid in transforming challenges into opportunities and driving a new era of industrial development.


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