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Mae C. Juana

Profile: A mining professional, with nearly two decades of transformative leadership and expertise in project management, environmental stewardship, and regulatory compliance, is poised to drive sustainable success in our extractive processing project.

She is a resource extractive professional whose career epitomizes excellence and transformative impact in the mining industry. With nearly two decades of comprehensive experience, this visionary leader has consistently demonstrated an exceptional ability to drive performance, manage intricate projects, and navigate complex regulatory landscapes, making them the perfect leader to spearhead EcoMetals' extractive processing project.

As a Project Manager, she has been instrumental in overseeing compliance, project development, and extraction planning for nickel projects. Her adept handling of technical studies and feasibility assessments has been pivotal in securing the groundwork for multiple high-profile ventures. Leveraging advanced software like GEMS, Whittle, Surpac, and Microsoft Project, they have optimized project schedules and ensured precision in every phase of development.

In her role at M-Fortune Mining Company, Inc., she excelled in managing Cu-Au deposit projects, coordinating with third-party consultants, and fulfilling permitting requirements. Her strategic acumen ensured the timely and efficient completion of all project milestones, highlighting her leadership and project management capabilities.

At BV Resources Corporation, she led the nickel laterite deposit project with unmatched proficiency. Her ability to produce detailed status reports, manage technical documentation, and effectively present projects to stakeholders demonstrated her strategic oversight and exceptional communication skills, which are crucial for investor relations and project success.

Leadership in Environmental and Safety Management

Her tenure at MarcoPolo Ventures Mining and Development Corporation highlighted her versatility and dedication to safety and environmental stewardship. As the head of the Safety and Health Office, she developed comprehensive OSH programs, initiated training, and crafted COVID-19 protocols, ensuring the project's compliance with stringent regulatory standards. Her leadership in acquiring ISO 14001:2004 Certification reflects her commitment to sustainable and responsible mining practices.

Early in her career at PNG Mining Corporation, she laid the foundation for her expertise in safety, environment, and health management. Her role in preparing environmental impact assessments, conducting resource estimations, and ensuring regulatory compliance for multiple projects showcased her deep understanding of the technical and regulatory aspects of the mining industry.

Armed with a diploma in Environment and Natural Resources Management and a degree in Mining Engineering from the prestigious University of the Philippines, her solid academic background complements her extensive hands-on experience. As an accredited Competent Person in Mining Engineering (Philippine Mineral Reporting Code) and an OSH Practitioner (Department of Labor and Employment), she brings unparalleled expertise and credibility to the team.

Her innovative approach and commitment to sustainability position her as a transformative leader ready to propel EcoMetals Resource Group to new heights. Her comprehensive skill set, from project management and technical writing to mine planning and environmental management, ensures that EcoMetals' extractive processing project will be executed with the highest standards of excellence and sustainability.

A Compelling Vision for Investors

This mining engineer's career is a testament to her ability to lead with conviction, drive sustainable practices, and deliver exceptional results. Her extensive experience and unwavering commitment to excellence make her the ideal leader to inspire investor confidence and drive EcoMetals Resource Group's future growth.

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