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HB Cardenas

Profile - A visionary metallurgist with 30 years of expertise in plant metallurgy, laterite production, and financial modeling, driving global advancements in the mining industry.

One of the Philippines' top metallurgists, he ranked second in the 1992 licensure examination.

Cardenas is a licensed metallurgist and resource consultant, with three decades of unparalleled expertise, our leader has revolutionized plant metallurgy, operations management, and technical sales across leading global companies. His journey is marked by 16 years in senior roles, including five as an expat in Vietnam and Tanzania, where he showcased his mastery in Safety and Environment Leadership, Metallurgical Process Design and Engineering, and Project Management, among other core competencies.

Our metallurgist’s illustrious career spans continents and diverse projects. Here are some standout achievements:

  • Erdene Mongolia, Bayan Khundii Gold Project (2024-Present): Leading operational readiness to expedite the commissioning of a CIP plant.

  • Philex Mining Corporation, Padcal Project (2024): Optimized an 8.75 MTPA copper-gold plant, reducing power consumption and enhancing recovery rates for both copper and gold.

  • Lepanto Consolidated Mining Co., Victoria-Teresa Project (2020-2023): Successfully recommissioned and optimized a 875 ktpa CIP Plant, significantly improving recovery rates and operational availability.


As a Principal Process Engineer and Project Manager at O2-EHMC business alliance, he has been instrumental in process engineering for various high-impact projects in Mongolia and the Philippines. His tenure as Principal Consultant at EHMC Engineering Consultancy further highlights his prowess in business development and team leadership. 

At Lepanto Consolidated Mining Co., he managed a 250-strong workforce, driving recovery rates from 76% in 2020 to 90% in 2023. His strategic initiatives in preventive maintenance, safety, and training systems have set new industry standards.

His global experience includes senior roles at OceanaGold Philippines Inc., Greenstone Resources Corp., and African Barrick Gold, where he consistently improved metallurgical efficiency, optimized processes, and managed multi-million-dollar projects. His consulting prowess has benefited top-tier mining projects, such as the Bayan Khundii Gold Project and the Kharmagtai Project in Mongolia.

Graduating from the prestigious University of the Philippines with a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering and Management, he has continuously pursued excellence, leaving a remarkable legacy in his field. His story is one of dedication, innovation, and impactful contributions.


  1. Outstanding Professional of the Year Award in the Field of Metallurgical Engineering (Private Practice) – Professional Regulation Commission, 2021

    • Recognized for his exceptional practice and leadership in metallurgical engineering, this award underscores his commitment to advancing the industry.

  2. DO-IT Award for Sustainability - Oceana Gold, 2017

    • Honored for his pioneering work in sustainability, he has championed eco-friendly practices that set new benchmarks in mining and metallurgy.

  3. Professional Degree Award in Metallurgical Engineering – UP Alumni Engineers, 2021

    • Celebrated by his alma mater, this award highlights his significant contributions to the field and his ongoing support for educational excellence.

  4. Distinction Awardee in Metallurgical Engineering, Philippine Federation of Professional Associations Awards, 2022

    • Acknowledged for his distinguished career and professional achievements, this award reflects his influence and impact within the professional community.


Our metallurgist’s career is a testament to his unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence. His leadership and expertise have not only transformed plants and processes but have also fostered the development of future industry leaders.

Investing in Direct Nickel means partnering with a visionary leader dedicated to transforming the mining industry. His extensive experience, strategic insights, and commitment to sustainability make him an invaluable asset in driving our mission forward. Together, we can pioneer advancements in nickel processing, ensuring long-term prosperity and environmental stewardship.

Embrace the future of metallurgy with Direct Nickel.

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