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Profile:  A highly skilled mining engineer with 10 years of experience in diverse mining methods, project management, and regulatory compliance, driving successful large-scale operations and strategic planning in the mining industry.

A motivated and accomplished mining engineer with a decade of hands-on experience, this professional has proven expertise in both underground and surface mining operations. His proficiency spans various mining methods, including block caving, sub-level caving, and open cast mining, showcasing their versatility and comprehensive understanding of the field. With a Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering from Saint Louis University in Baguio City, Philippines, and multiple professional accreditations, he is a highly qualified expert dedicated to advancing mining operations.

From 2020 to 2023, as the Mine Operations Division Head at Carrascal Nickel Corporation, he led efforts to achieve annual production and shipment targets of approximately 8 million WMT. His responsibilities included daily work schedule planning, contractor coordination, and material cost management, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the division.

His leadership continued as the OIC Project Head at Landstar Earth Moving Corporation, where he oversaw equipment maintenance, annual production planning, and compliance with safety and environmental regulations. His strategic oversight ensured the successful attainment of mine production and shipment targets, demonstrating their ability to manage complex projects and deliver results under stringent timelines and standards.

At Westernshore Nickel Corporation, he was accountable for the overall planning, organization, and management of mine operations. His focus on regulatory compliance and cost control, combined with their ability to meet short, mid, and long-term company goals, underscored their strategic vision and operational excellence.

As the Mine Planning and Statistics Section Head at Carrascal Nickel Corporation, he prepared comprehensive mining plans, initiated engineering studies, and ensured compliance with government-mandated reports. His work improved current methods and processes, contributing to the company's operational success and compliance with safety and environmental policies.

His journey began at Philex Mining Corporation, where he held various roles, including Junior Mining Engineer, Development Foreman, and Draw Control Engineer. Each position honed his skills in project management, safety enforcement, and ore extraction strategies, laying the foundation for his future leadership roles.

His extensive experience, combined with their unwavering dedication to excellence, positions them as a key asset to EcoMetals Resource Group. His ability to manage large-scale mining operations, ensure regulatory compliance, and optimize production processes makes them an invaluable resource for driving the company's success. Investors can be assured of his commitment to operational excellence, strategic planning, and sustainable extractive practices, making EcoMetals Resource Group a promising investment opportunity.

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