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Jose 'Kiko' Sanchez

Profile: With nearly three decades of experience in the natural resources sector and a highly accomplished geotechnical engineer, is set to revolutionize the Direct Nickel project with innovative solutions and sustainable practices, promising significant returns for investors.

Jose Sanchez commonly known as Kiko Sanchez is an exceptional mining, civil, and geotechnical engineer whose career is a testament to expertise, innovation, and leadership. Ranked 1st in the Philippines' Mining Engineering Licensure Examination (1996), this accomplished professional brings nearly three decades of invaluable experience in geotechnical engineering, rock mechanics, and project management to the Direct Nickel project.

With a career that spans continents and industries, this expert has significantly impacted site investigations, soil and geological studies, foundation remediation, and slope stability analysis.


Their leadership in developing underground paste fill systems and exploring alternative tailings storage solutions for Apex Mining has notably improved mine productivity and safety, cementing their status as a pivotal force in the mining sector.

At EHMC Consulting, he specializes in seismic hazard assessments, geotechnical modeling, and tailings storage facility design. His expertise has led to the successful construction and optimization of tailings dams, ensuring both environmental sustainability and operational efficiency. His strategic insights and innovative solutions have enhanced the safety and performance of mining operations from Malaysia to Australia.

This geotechnical engineer has played a crucial role in high-profile projects such as the Ichthys LNG Project and the Bau Goldfields Project. His ability to manage complex geotechnical challenges and deliver exceptional results has earned them a reputation for excellence. Their contributions to rock mechanics training, underground geotechnical modeling, and seismic hazard analysis have set new industry standards.

The Direct Nickel project represents a transformative opportunity to revolutionize nickeliferous mineral extraction and laterite commercial production. With cutting-edge financial modeling and sustainable practices, this project is poised to deliver significant returns. By investing in this visionary initiative, you are partnering with a leader in geotechnical engineering and resource innovation, ensuring a future of sustainable and profitable extractive operations.

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